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WAEMU Government Securities market

The Government Securities market is the only local market, by tender, exclusively dedicated to the financing of the WAEMU Member States. These sovereign issuers seek, through appropriate procedures, the issuances of Government Securities by specific actors, either for their own account or for that of third parties. This is held by Agence UMOA-Titres.

WAEMU Government Securities Benefits

Government Securities represent a safe, profitable and accessible investment due to, among other things, the following parameters:
  • A Central Bank common to the eight (8) Member States
  • A single market comprising eight issuers with different risk levels offering natural diversity and no foreign exchange risk for local investors
  • No payment  defaults since its creation
  • An attractive risk / return ratio
  • A mechanism put in place by the Central Bank to make up for any shortcomings: the Financial Stability Fund
  • Tax-exempted Government Securities in the country of issue
  • Lower transaction costs guaranteed by the tendering process
  • A secondary market in development with the introduction of the Treasury Values Specialists (SVT) and the training of the actors

How to invest in WAEMU Government Securities market

Government Securities auctions are held by Agence UMOA-Titres, in collaboration with BCEAO which plays the role of depository and settlement Bank.

The annual issuances calendar is published with quaterfly update.
Prior to each period, the notice of tender and related documents specific to each issue are made available on our website.
Investors, regardless of the territory in wich they are established, subscribe to the auctions of treasury bonds and bills through a bank or a brokerage firm of their choice within the Union.
The day of the auction, the bank participates in the auction on behalf of the investor.

Plan your investment with the issuances calendar

The issuances calendar allow you to have a global view of all government issuances scheduled for the year

Download the issuances calendar