Niger simultaneous issuance of 05/17/2018 - Securitie 1: Fungible Treasury Bills

ISIN Code: 
Issue Type: 
Simultaneous issuance
Bids' submission
  • Submission place : Through the SAGETIL-UMOA application.
  • Auction date :  at 10:30 AM UTC
Auction details
  • Amount offered:20 000 million CFA Francs
  • Term:6 months
  • Value date:
  • Maturity date:
  • Interest rates:multiple
  • Nominal value :1 million CFA Francs
Auction results
  • Amount offered:20 000 million CFA Francs
  • Total bids:30
  • Amount alloted:19 939 million CFA Francs
  • Subscription:21 534.00 million CFA Francs
  • Marginal interest rate:6.5000 %
  • Weighted average rate:6.2288 %
All securities issued are redeemable on the first business day following the date of maturity. Interest is payable in advance and is calculated in advance based on the nominal value of the bills.

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