Agence UMOA-Titres

Agence UMOA-Titres (AUT) is dedicated to helping member states use capital markets to raise the resources they need to fund their economic development policies at reasonable cost.  

The AUT is tasked with identifying the most suitable means of raising the financial resources required for state financing on the regional and international capital markets. It also provides assistance to WAMU member states’ public treasuries regarding:

  • development of issuance strategy, particularly in terms of planning and defining the characteristics of the issues based on states’ financing needs, expected macroeconomic trends and the need for sustainability in national public finances;
  •  issuance calendar preparation;
  •  coordination of the issuing schedules of WAMU member states;
  • promotion of public debt securities to national, regional and international investors;
  • helping national treasuries develop management frameworks for the market risks, counterparty risks and operational risks that are inherent in public debt securities management;
  • organization of joint issues by multiple WAMU member states to fund Community or joint-interest projects;
  • operational management of regional market issues through hands-on management of securities issues and monitoring of their settlement on behalf of national treasuries;
  • assisting national treasuries in their international market transactions through organization of securities issues (foreign currency bonds or Eurobonds);
  • making all necessary arrangements with the institutions concerned, notably the BCEAO and the Regional Council for Public Savings and Financial Markets (CREPMF), to ensure the proper functioning and the deepening of the regional financial market.

In addition, the Agency will offer national treasuries the service of investing their excess cash, based on specific instructions and according to market conditions.