Togo Fungible Treasury Bonds of 05/18/2018 (3rd part)

ISIN Code: 
Issue Type: 
Bids' submission
  • Submission place : Through the SAGETIL-UMOA application.
  • Auction date :  at 10:30 AM UTC
Auction details
  • Amount offered:20 000 million CFA Francs
  • Term:36 months
  • Value date:
  • Prices:multiple
  • Maturity date:
  • Interest rate value:6,00 %
  • Interest rates:unique
  • Nominal value :10,000 CFA Francs
The bonds will be totally redeemed in full on the first business day following maturity (bullet redemption). Interest will be paid at a rate of 6% beginning in the first year

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